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The TPI Tripod spreader

Our All aluminum tripod spreader/tensioners are specifically designed to strengthen and add stability to the tripod.

These heavy duty units are constructed from CNC machined 6061- T6 aluminum with stainless steel fasteners. The spreader clamps on and requires no dissassembly of the tripod to install (CGE/pro model requires some dissassembly to remove the existing spreader) Our heavy duty battery tray clamps on with a single knob and supports the heaviest deep cycle battery.
Spreaders are available for the following tripods:
Celestron CGEM, CGE, CGE pro, CG5, Advance VX, Nexstar series
Skywatcher/Orion-EQ6/ Orion Atlas and Atlas Pro AZ/EQ, AZEQ6-GT, HEQ5, EQ5, Sirius.
*Now available for CGX (L) and CGEM-2
Meade LX200, LX90, Ioptron IEQ45. Ioptron Mini Tower Tripod, Celestron 8SE and similar 2" and 1.75" tripods
Virtually any 2" or 1.75" tripod, e-mail us with your requirements
Our heavy duty Battery tray is manufactured from solid 1/8" aluminum with a raised edge to prevent your accessories rolling off the shelf. A clamp on the underside attaches to one of the spreader arms. (Tray is anodized)  
Designed by TPIastro.com
Gain "Pier Like" stability

For tripods that do not come with an effective spreader, like the EQ6/Atlas/AZEQ6, Atlas Pro, CGEM (and 2), HEQ5, CG5, IEQ45, AVX and CGX the TPI spreader adds several more benefits and it also controls the legs, making folding and transporting the tripod far easier.  
      The main benefit is the locking effect the TPI spreader has on the EQ6/CGEM/IEQ45/AVX/AZEQ6/Atlas Pro (and other variants). With a click the tripod center snaps into place and tensions the entire tripod, dramatically strengthening the tripod- a MUST for astrophotography. With this TPI spreader the tripod will not creep or loosen as your imaging night progresses. (EQ6 CGEM CG5 IEQ45 AZEQ6 etc and Orion Variants and HEQ5)  The leg stops are forced against the upper tripod disc effectively making the entire assembly a solid mass. The play from the pivot points is completely negated and the most important part, where the mount attaches, is now a solid stable platform.
       Our heavy duty battery tray is designed to also add stability by weighing down the bottom of the tripod. This gives a way to get your center of gravity lower for enhanced stability and resistance to tipping. The tray will support the largest commercally available deep cycle batteries. These pictures show a dramatic before and after view indicating the control our spreader creates on otherwise wobbly tripod legs.
Designed with a purpose

The combination of the TPI spreader, our Heavy duty battery tray and tripod leg levellers creates an unbeatable solid and stable platform for any combination of telescopes and mount loading. With the addition of a deep cycle battery or power tank, the tripod is solidly grounded with an incredibly low center of gravity compared to the stock arrangement. See our reviews page for some revealing reviews- Hundreds of our spreaders have been sold worldwide in over 22 countries! 
****NOTE: as of October 2016 the new Celestron CGEM 2 and the CGX tripods have changed from the standard CGEM tripod and the spreader is DIFFERENT a new geometry spreader is being made by TPI for these tripods- Email for availability! see Pricing page****
The above pictures show some of the details of our spreader. Left shows the battery tray clamp- A single hand knob is all that is required to secure the battery tray. Above is the center pivot puck of the spreader that allows the spreader to easily fold yet provides an amazingly strong joint. Below that is one of the 2 piece leg clamps that provide 360 degree clamping pressure on the tripod tube, guaranteeing that this is one spreader that will never shift or slip NOR damage your tripod in anyway.
A customer testimonial- Skywatcher AZEQ6-GT mount- Standard Skywatcher/Synta tripod
"I did see an immediate improvement in my guiding, my RMS error was 0.22 with a total of 0.89 arc second of error over time. I captured 12 15 minutes exposures and the only ones I had throw out were a result of random thin clouds, they all had nice round stars :-)
My guiding corrections also went down from around 0.2 to 0.3 pixels to as low as 0.03 and averaged between that and 0.15 pixels. My setup seems to be more wind resistant too.-------Very happy with the purchase."
CR-New Zealand