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The TPI Tripod Leg Levelers are available in black or silver anodized finish.(silver is more visible in the dark). On EQ mounts the Levelers can also be used as a very quick and accurate way to tweak the polar alignment of your rig without adjusting the altitude adjustment on the mount (EQ6/NEQ6/and CGEM do not have particularily good adjustment at that axis.) Just level the tripod, attach your mount adjust to your Latitude angle the use the single front leveller to tweak the polar alignment SIMPLE!
Leveler clamps are solid aluminum and vary in design for your tripod. Tripods such as the EQ6 and CGEM IEQ45 etc have hollow lower legs and the clamps grip to the inner walls of the tubing securely. Other tripods such as the CGE,CGEpro and CGEMdx can be made using the existing orange tips (you send them to us) or we can make aluminum inserts to secure the levelers. The large 3" fully articulated foot pads prevent the tripod legs from sinking in softer ground, certainly a problem with point type tripod leg tips. The wider stance offered by the levelers creates a super wide base for your rig.
The TPI Tripod Leg Leveler design is a 2 piece construction allowing the angle to be fully adjusted to suit any tripod geometry perfectly. The pivot is held in place with a stainless steel high strength 5/16 socket head cap screw with strong 1/4-20 set screws to secure the angle and totally prevent any slippage or movement. The height of the leveler is done with the solid stainless steel central 1/2-13 thread and is locked in place once adjusted by the lower locking knob. Contact us to order, or if you need any further informatiom.
TPI Tripod Leg Levelers (Back in Stock)

Our solid aluminum Tripod Leg Levelers are just the ideal accessory for your GEM or ALT/AZ mount These heavy duty units are constructed from CNC machined 6061-T6 aluminum with Stainless steel fasteners. The levelers clamp inside the existing stainless steel tubes of your tripod. NO dissassembly of the tripod  is required to install them (other than removing the aluminum tips from the inner tripod tubes) Angles are fully adjustable and can support even large 14"SCT rigs and Paramount sized mounts and loads. The TPI Tripod Leg Levelers are available for the following tripods:
Celestron CGEM and CG5, CPC series. Advance VX-- CGE and pro, AVX (shown here is a CGE/CGEpro adapter insert)
Skywatcher/Orion-EQ6, Atlas/AZEQ6-GT, Meade LX200, LX90, IEQ45, CGX, CGEM 2,CGX-L, Ioptron CEM60 and many many others  Contact us for any fitment details as  we can custom make specific attachments for your tripod.