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Reviews and testimonials

NEW- Great review by "Unc" Rod Mollise- On the TPI spreader and Battery tray

NEW- Review of a TRICKED OUT EQ6 with TPI Levelers, Spreader and Tray by Astronomy Technology NOW Magazine!

A review by a sales associate at a major Telescope shop in Toronto: (one of our prototype first run spreaders)

A Customer video review and Install of our TPI spreader for the EQ6/CGEM (youtube.com):

An Excellent Customer Installation video of our Tripod Leg Levellers (youtube.com)

Ken Durrazo's review of the TPI Levellers (original design non adjustable) Part 1

Ken Durrazo's review of the TPI Levellers (original design non adjustable) Part 2

Ken Durrazo's review of the TPI Levellers (original design non adjustable) Part 3

Ken Durrazo's review of the NEW TPI Levellers (adapted to use on a scope buggy)

A review of a custom EQ8 adapter made to fit the Starizona base

Some comments we have received:
"Everything was received without damage and in great condition.  I opened the package and immediately installed it with my Orion Atlas Pro mounting.  Everything fit the FIRST time and I am VERY satisfied with the quality of service as well as your product.'  F.M. Florida
"Hi Dave. Wanted to let you know that the tripod separator  (spreader and Battery tray) arrived today and I got it installed. It is a beautiful piece of engineering and works great for stabilizing my scope. I'm very proud to have it as part of my scope. Well
done!!!   F.C.- Florida
"Received my spreader yesterday. Awesome!! Fit and finish are perfect. Mounted to MTP tripod (Ioptron mini tower pro). Perfect fit. Tripod is rock solid. Will send you a few photos when I get everything set up outside. Waiting on weather right now.
Again thanks. Will highly recommend you to anyone." MW- England

"I did see an immediate improvement in my guiding (TPI Tripod Spreader on AZEQ6-GT), my RMS error was 0.22 with a total of 0.89 arc second of error over time. I captured 12 15 minutes exposures and the only ones I had throw out were a result of random thin clouds, they all had nice round stars :-)
My guiding corrections also went down from around 0.2 to 0.3 pixels to as low as 0.03 and averaged between that and 0.15 pixels. My setup seems to be more wind resistant too. Very happy with the purchase." CR NewZealand

"Just letting you know the (Tripod) spreader arrived here Saturday. My Son and I had it installed in a matter of a few minutes. Great instructions! It is absolutely fantastic. I haven’t quantified it in terms of increased exposure times yet, but it sure feels solid as a ROCK! Saves my fingers from floppy tripod legs at tear-down time too! :) Thanks", Tim
"Just to let you know that I just received your fine craftsmanship (Tripod) spreader and battery tray - extremely impressed by the quality!!  Looking forward to installing tomorrow evening, With thanks and kind regards", David

"I received the (Tripod) spreader & shelf today and already have it installed.  The scope is out right now and we're giving it a test drive.  I must say it is good-looking piece of equipment (the brushed finish is nice!).  Already I can tell how much more stable the tripod is!  Excellent craftsmanship and thank you very much!!": CT

"As I own 2 of these (Tripod) spreaders and 1 battery tray, I can tell you that they are high quality and everything that is stated about them is true. The workmanship is second to none." : BJ

"Spreader arrived today and I had a few minutes before dinner to install it. All I can say right now is wow! The difference in the rigidity is immediate and very evident. Should the skies stay clear tomorrow evening, I'm heading over to our club's dark sky site and will give it a test drive." :BC

"Thank you so much Dave! Yeah, the rig is really performing well! I had been entertaining a tear-down & rebuild of the Atlas until we got one of your EQ-G leg (Tripod) spreaders. Now, not so much! It's really running nicely - good and stable!"- C&T

"Fantastic Dave, What a difference!. my tripod not only looks great now but no more wobbly legs. I love the battery shelf, my deep cycle is no longer religated to the floor- Thanks for a great product (EQ6 Tripod Spreader) !" :DJ

"The quality is evident, this is one heavy duty piece impeccable finish and operation, well worth the money! (Tripod Leg Levellers and Tripod Spreader/Tray) Thanks Dave!" :CR

"Got the new (CGEM Tripod spreader) tripod leg bracers, accessory tray , new orange anodized leg lock screws. Woohoo! With the bracer and tray in place, that tripod is rock-solid. And I can imagine if I put my 50-lb deep cycle battery on the tray, that setup is not gonna vibrate at all!" :WH

"The new rig is AWESOME!!  I can tell you this, the (TRIPOD) spreader has completely eliminated the drift that we were seeing over the course of a night's imaging.  Gone...absent...zippo...nada!! " :CT

"Recieved the CGEM Tripod Spreader today. I'm very pleased with every aspect of your device. First and foremost, it does add a noticeable degree of stability to the setup. The fit is exact. Your machining is precise and the finish is beautiful. I could have wasted a great deal of time trying to "cobble up" a similar item. I would recommend your product without reservation! Thank you."  B.K.

"hey, Dave.  I'm very pleased and impressed (with the TPI CGE AZIMUTH adjuster) :-).  this piece is top quality, and the instructions very easy to follow.  I ended up going with the knob instead of the allen (low profile) option". J.S

"Got mine today (TPI CGE AZIMUTH adjuster), it works; what an tremendous improvement. So I managed to get polar aligned and then it clouded over" G.S.

"Got mine today(TPI CGE AZIMUTH adjuster). About a 20 minute install including swapping the knob for the low Profile option. Very nice quality. The hardest part was deciding between the front or rear orientation. Can't wait for clear skies to try it out. Seems like Dave is responsible for cloudy skies are one the world this week ;-)" J.S.

"The (TPI CGE AZUMUTH) adjuster installed just as Dave's instructions indicate. You need a good set of imperial (inch) allen wrenches (including a large 3/8" one). You should be reasonably comfortable working with your mount (taking the electronics pier off) but there's nothing really difficult about any of the installation. I went back and forth for a few minutes with the tightness of the two acorn nuts to ensure the adjuster worked with no play and virtually no stiction (important so there's virtually no overshoot when performing the polar alignment)
The actual AZ adjustment is now buttery smooth ... a real change from the original unit. If you haven't taken the original stock AZ adjuster apart you'll be in for a surprise as to exactly how it works. It's a very simple design and once apart if you're like me there will be an "ahaaaa" moment as to why the original adjustment was so coarse and difficult to perform accurately (without lots of overshoot). If your curious it's quite easy to take the stock unit apart and look around without messing anything up.
Dave's replacement unit just makes more sense design wise and the construction is as good or better than anything else on the mount."   M.L. in Nova Scotia

"If I had another CGE I'd buy another set (of Levellers, spreader , AZ adjuster and Battery tray)  :) I'm very happy with the set you built for me... it's working great.. the mount is rock solid." A.A.in Texas

"It was very easy to install the (CGE PRo) spreader. The result is fantastic.
The (tripod leg) levellers fitted perfectly too. Absolute precision!  My only work was to enlarge the original holes. No other adjustment was necessary.
The end of the tripod legs are touching the salient borders of the inserts. The screws are only holding the levelers in place. Wonderful! My first impression is a much more solid and stable platform. I'm very satisfied." C.G.A in Columbia

"The (pier) topper arrived and I installed it yesterday. Fit like a glove!. I want to thank you for the outstanding personal service that you provided. Drilling the holes in at the spacing that I required was above and beyond. Thanks" G.P. in Maryland

"Your fast service is outstanding considering you live in Ontario, Canada and I live near Seattle, Washington. You put the spreader in the mail on Wednesday, 2/17, and it arrived in the mail on Monday, 2/22, now that's fast service!! I got the spreader for the CGEM installed Monday evening. Took all of 15-20 minutes to install and everything fit perfectly. The workmanship on the spreader and battery tray are just excellent. You did a great job of packaging and even our USPS couldn't hurt it!! I liked it so much I ordered another spreader and battery plate for my new iOptron iEQ45 Pro Goto mount. They do add a lot of stability to the mounts. Can't wait for the weather to get better so I can get out under the stars with it!! A great product and great people to do business with." J.A. Washington

"When I first decided to build a permanent I was just thinking of my current EQ6 mount and was not thinking there would be any reason for me to upgrade my mount. So I purchased a pier adapter kit from Starizona and built my pier around that. Everything went well for 3 years until recently I had an opportunity to get an EQ8. Now my problem was that my pier top would not fit an EQ8. I contacted Starizona(where I bought it from) and they could not help. I also tried Dan’s pier plates, optcorp, orion and anyone else I could think of but no one could help. It was just chance I ran across TPI. I send Dave an email detailing what I needed and he said no problem. At first I was thinking to myself, “seriously, why can this guy do it no problem and everyone else says no?” So after exchanging a few pics and measurements back and forth Dave sends me my pier top and it fits absolutely perfectly. I could not be any happier with this thing. Dave is a great guy. Felt like I was dealing with an old friend the whole time, he was just that friendly. I hope Dave does this for a long time because next time I need something I know exactly who I am calling first. ; T.N.

"Received my spreader yesterday. Awesome!! Fit and finish are perfect. Mounted to MTP tripod. Perfect fit. Tripod is rock solid. Will send you a few photos when I get everything set up outside. Waiting on weather right now.
Again thanks. Will highly recommend you to anyone". :MW

"Wow this is really clean looking  (custom pier adapter)! Like how you counter sunk the mounting bolts and came in just behind the azimuth post for the AP1200. The intention at the center even allows a great spot for a bubble level prior to mounting the electronics pier.
Thanks for getting this out so fast, I will for sure show it off at the TSP next month!" KS

"Just a note to let you know that I got the spreader today. A very excellent piece of workmanship!!! I have tomorrow and Wed. off and the weather is supposed to be good for tomorrow. So I'll get a couple of
photos of my mount with the spreader and email them to you. I use the CGEM for my ES AR152 Achro refractor. I also want to order a spreader and battery tray for an iOptron iEQ45 Pro mount. I just got it
delivered today and will be setting it up over the next 2 days. I'll be putting my C9.25 SCT on it." JA

"Just a quick email to let you know the tripod spreader and battery tray arrived in good condition. I am super impressed by the quality of the design work and construction of these items. Nice work! You make excellent products. The setup works beautifully and has made a significant improvement to the stability of my mount. I took
a few test asto-pictures and can see a very clear improvement. Very happy with these items!" CL

"Hi Dave, just wanted to let you know I finally found time to install the levelers this weekend. You weren't kidding re: the beefy construction and machining, impressive! Hope to try out the superfast leveling by next weekend after the clouds and rain fade. Thanks again for making a great product :) : Ron