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Product Pricing (ALL US dollars)     (November 2017)

(For shipping costs see below)

TPI Pier Topper/Adapter--CGE/CGE pro /CGEM/EQ6/NEQ6/EQ8/CEM60/AZEQ6-GT/ATLAS/CGX etc  
All Pier toppers are made custom to your application. Contact us for other configurations and applications- We also make adapter to fit "this mount to this tripod" Anything is possible
--$260.00 and up

TPI Tripod Spreader
EQ6/ NEQ6/ AZEQ6-GT/ CGEM/ AVX/ CG5 Spreader/IEQ45 /Advance VX/ Ioptron CEM60 ,Z25, ATLAS and ATLAS EQG- Alt Az (all Ioptron 2" tripods)
Also HEQ5, Sirius (with included tube adapters) **NOTE- NOT FOR
CGEM2 or CGX Tripods (see below)
(also for CPC and Meade)

Celestron CGE/CGEpro CGX-L Spreader
--$350.00 (call for availability) (Note: Due to the low production rate of this Spreader, the arms and clamp rings are hand made not CNC machined and come not Anodized, They are made one-Off and hand made)

Celestron CGX and CGEM 2 NEW EQ6-R TPI Tripod Spreader
--$275.00 Much longer arms and spread than the older original CGEM tripod-Comes with a hole machined in the ceter puck to allow the tripod threaded rod to pass through while folded.

Celestron CGE Fine AZIMUTH adjuster Kit

--$250.00 (NOW available**ON SALE!**$50 off regular price of $300)

Heavy duty Battery tray (fits all TPI spreaders)
--$130.00 (Solid aluminum 1/8" and Anodized) Fits ALL our Spreaders

TPI Tripod Leg Levellers
--$350.00 set of 3 Levellers (for EQ6. AZEQ6 and Orion Atlas models (Atlas AND Atlas EQG,AVX,CGEM,CG5,CPC,IEQ45, CGX CGEM2  and others)

TPI Tripod Leg levellers (CGE, CGE pro, CEM60 Tri Pier, Ioptron Tri Pier)
--$385.00 set ($50 discount if your existing orange/black tripod leg tips are sent to us for machining in lieu of new TPI machined inserts)

Above pricing does not include shipping- see general rates below

All products can be ordered by e-mailing dave@tpiastro.com with the details

We ship expedited CANADA POST. Payment can be either through Interac E-mail, PAYPAL or postal Money order. PAYPAL is preferred for US orders, Interac E-mail transfer for Canadian orders. ALL PRICING IS IN US FUNDS

Shipping costs:
TPI Tripod Spreader alone-  To USA $28   -To Canada $15
TPI Tripod Leg Levelers Alone-  To USA $35   -To Canada $15
Spreader+HD Battery Tray-   To USA $45   -To Canada $25
Spreader+Tray+Levelers- To USA $45 -To Canada $25
TPI Fine Azimuth Adjuster for CGE- $28 to US -To Canada $15

All packages are sent via Canada Post/USPS Expedited service packed securely in corrugated and foam material or corrugated box

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