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Shown in this slide show are some custom designs as EQ6 to Losmandy tripod, EQ8, CEM60, CGEpro, CGE, Paramount MX to CGEpro tripod, EQ6/CGEM and full pier toppers.
We have also produced pier adapters that bolt right up to the Starizona pier adapter base. We do need dimensions of your existing hole patterns to be able to reproduce them on your custom adapter.
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Custom Pier adapters

TPI can produce a wide variety of pier adapters and pier toppers for many different mounts. We make all our adapters out of 6061-T6 aluminum and they are machined from billet material. Our adapters can be supplied with custom drilling and tapping so that they will bolt right up to your existing pier top plate. Contact us for your specific requirements. These adapters do take a few weeks to produce as they are all made custom to your requirements on a "one off" basis.
EQ8 custom with oversized mount holes
EQ8 drilled to fit Starizona adapter base