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About us

Operating since 2007. We are now in 22+ countries worldwide!
Welcome to Telescope Performance Improvements.

We are an organization that specializes in telescope
accessories that improve the rigidity and stability
of popular mid-scale Alt/Az and Equatorial mounts.

The products we manufacture were originally made for our own personal use when viable commercially manufactured products were unavailable or proved inadequate for the task. Our experience revealed that the stability of popular mounts sold, which are usually the mounts that were included with the telescope, was simply not acceptable and interfered with the enjoyment of our hobby. Often the main weak spot would be the tripods, that cause inherent instability and a bad case of the "wiggles".

This experience was especially unbearable when we began using our telescopes and mounts for astrophotography. We soon gained an appreciation for the importance of a rigid, properly leveled and rock solid tripod.

Our first product, the TPI Tripod Leg Levelers, was introduced in July 2008. This product has undergone a few design changes and tweaks. With our beta testers, associates, and personal use, the final design has proven to be the strongest and most stable. Our levelers are now available for several different tripod models and support even huge C14 rigs and other heavy loads with ease.

Once we were able to now properly level the tripod and had a stable base, the second problem was the inadequate spreader often supplied with astronomical tripods (or not supplied at all). We found that there was also no place to put your rig's battery and other items you would like to keep off the ground. The solution is our TPI tripod spreader and heavy duty battery tray. The spreader actually tensions the tripod legs and locks the top of the tripod, drastically increasing the stability and stopping the "creeping" inherent with tripods that do not come with a stock lower tripod spreader.

We have also added a CGE Fine Azimuth Adjuster and we produce various pier adapters for mounts with custom drilling/tapping and other custom configurations.  Adapters for CGE/CGE pro CGEM/EQ6/EQ8/IEQ45/CEM60/AVX and others are available.

More products will become available as we discover more areas that can be improved by alternate or add on products. Stay tuned. Please let us know if you have any special requests. We rely on our customers' feedback!  We are in the following countries:  Canada, United States, Costa Rica, Colombia, Great Britain, The Netherlands, Japan, Singapore, New Zealand, Australia, France, China, Poland, Norway, Scotland, Ireland, Brazil, Afghanistan, Denmark, Spain, Switzerland, Germany, Hong Kong and Belgium.

All the best and Clear Skies!

The Team at TPIastro.com Telescope Performance Improvements
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