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TPI Tripod Leg Levelers
(Now In Stock!)

TPI's Tripod Leg Levelers are the ultimate accessory for your astrophotography or visual tripod. These solid aluminum leveling devices enable easy and accurate leveling of your tripod even with a full load of equipment. No more lifting your heavy rig to slide your tripod legs and lock them. A simple twist of the handle adjusts and levels your rig.
Our Tripod Leg Levelers are available for various tripods including the EQ6/NEQ6 and similar, CGEM, CEM60, IEQ45, AVX, AXEQ6-GT, Atlas and EQ6-R Pro etc. Contact us for your requirements.

The TPI Spreader and Heavy Duty Battery/Accessory tray

TPI manufactures tripod spreaders to stabilize and strengthen the tripod assembly.  Stock tripods by their very design are a compromise in stability and user friendliness. We manufacture spreaders for various tripods including the Celestron CGEM2, AVX, and CG5, NEXSTAR (and GPS), Skywatcher EQ6/AZEQ6 and HEQ5/Sirius, Orion Atlas (and AZ Atlas Pro), Meade, IEQ45, EQ6-R and pro variants CEM series ,and virtually any tripod with a 2" or 1.75" diameter leg. Click here for more information. Our spreaders are highly revered and are now in over 27 countries worldwide. The TPI spreader makes your tripod truly pier-like!
Custom Mount Pier adapters

Looking for a pier adapter for your mount?. TPI can manufacture an adapter specifically for your needs. We offer custom drilling and tapping to match your pier top plate. Shown here is a CEM60 and an EQ8 adapter both with custom holes to match the customers pier. All adapters are made to order from 6061-T6 aluminum. Available are adapters for CGEM, CGE,CGEpro ,EQ6, AZEQ6 ,CEM60, EQ8, Paramount, AVX and various others Contact us for your needs. We can also drill adapters to fit the Starizona pier posts. ALL CUSTOM- Inquire with your needs
CGE Fine Azimuth Adjuster upgrade Kit (sold out)

TPI's NEW CGE FINE AZ ADJUSTER is the must have upgrade for your Celestron CGE mount. The original OEM adjuster is difficult to acheive a good polar alignment, due to its very inaccurate 1/4 turn AZ adjuster. The NEW TPI Fine AZ Adjuster modifies the motion to a 26 turn low profile Allen screw for a full 20 degrees of possible adjustment. The stock adjuster is 1/4 turn for 14 degrees. Our adjuster replaces the stock upper base disc and installs with a few allen keys and a 3/4 socket- NO DRILLING OR ALTERATION OF YOUR MOUNT IS REQUIRED. This eliminates play in the base.
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